Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.12.1 Beta 8 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-9424] - Sprint cancelled when jump-sprint (jump and sneak swapped in the option)
  • [MCPE-9687] - Making a cake does not return buckets.
  • [MCPE-9762] - Tapping on the D-Pad not only moves you, but can also force you to destroy/place a block or use an item.
  • [MCPE-9794] - The sneak button is less responsive than before
  • [MCPE-9798] - D Pad Fail
  • [MCPE-9814] - Unable to collect potion after brewing
  • [MCPE-9816] - Incorrect name for large chest
  • [MCPE-9897] - Enchantment effort will disappear after exit
  • [MCPE-9930] - Lava-Don't stop fall damage
  • [MCPE-10167] - Experience (XP) is not consumed and destroyed by lava as expected.
  • [MCPE-10170] - While moving (running or walking) using the D-pad, you cannot change your hotbar selection.
  • [MCPE-10185] - Iron/snow golem crafting in water or lava.
  • [MCPE-10190] - Clicking bed and and chat button crashes the game.

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