Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.11.0 Beta 11 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-7891] - at (x,0,y), top of the texture of the block shows whereas the sides are invisible
  • [MCPE-7997] - Spawning on the soil above killing place in cave
  • [MCPE-8045] - Mobs can breed when seperated
  • [MCPE-8123] - Entities invisible when at/above the height limit
  • [MCPE-8394] - Segfault when low memory event fires
  • [MCPE-8421] - Black Screen
  • [MCPE-8452] - Skin packs free skins selection bug
  • [MCPE-8457] - Crash when back on MCPE from another app (Multitasking)
  • [MCPE-8487] - Crash when exiting old type world
  • [MCPE-8582] - Invisible bottom layer

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