Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.10.4 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-8] - Creeper & TNT somtimes doesn't blow up sand, dirt, clay and snow
  • [MCPE-6275] - Glitch when holding a torch.
  • [MCPE-6423] - Hostile mobs spawning in Creative
  • [MCPE-6602] - On crafting table item list, spruce wooden slab doesn't fit
  • [MCPE-6692] - cliping though blocks when a minecart isn't on rail
  • [MCPE-6780] - Beds have a missing texture on bottom
  • [MCPE-6789] - Being in chest and putting item in while holding makes one more item on other side of chest. In picture there is 7 coal and I'm still holding the screen
  • [MCPE-6815] - Terrain glitch
  • [MCPE-6883] - Sugarcane breaks blocks above when bonemealed
  • [MCPE-6896] - Torched Chests
  • [MCPE-6931] - Stone slabs wont connect to fences
  • [MCPE-7151] - Flying over the bed
  • [MCPE-7706] - Screen won't move for a split second while breaking blocks
  • [MCPE-8471] - Mooshroom bug

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