Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.8.1 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-1682] - Falling sand / gravel disappears when falling on most "half" blocks
  • [MCPE-4495] - Liquids not showing up to other players over LAN
  • [MCPE-6187] - Baked Potatoes missing name and description
  • [MCPE-6258] - Charcoal have the old texture.
  • [MCPE-6414] - I have a realm and the play on realms button will not show up
  • [MCPE-6432] - Block duplication
  • [MCPE-6435] - Important! 0.8.0 alpha bug (not build)
  • [MCPE-6475] - Unable to Sign In To Realms on iOS
  • [MCPE-7219] - Far lands

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