Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.7.3 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-39] - Wooden Slab hard to break w/ Axe (easy w/ Pick)
  • [MCPE-271] - Too long descriptions
  • [MCPE-312] - sword freezes with chest
  • [MCPE-439] - Chests rotate when placing a solid block directly in front of them
  • [MCPE-1664] - Hitting backspace in a sign activates shift on your keyboard.
  • [MCPE-2608] - No fire animation for night-time mobs when they come in contact with sunlight
  • [MCPE-2680] - Cake takes away buckets along with milk (Win10 only)
  • [MCPE-2950] - Chat freezes
  • [MCPE-2962] - Typing in chat gets blocked of by [DONE] button + Capitals
  • [MCPE-3361] - Items in the crafting table are messed up
  • [MCPE-3846] - If monsters burn because of sunlight, they have no burn animation.
  • [MCPE-3988] - Furnace crash bug *SEVERE*
  • [MCPE-3989] - Inventory bug (throwing items in hand while in a gui)
  • [MCPE-4056] - No Fire Animation on Zombies
  • [MCPE-4122] - Glowing Obsidian can yield resources with an Iron pickaxe, but obsidian can only be mined with a Diamond one
  • [MCPE-4281] - Chests can't be placed next to other chests
  • [MCPE-4332] - Armor Glitch
  • [MCPE-4403] - GUI circle size is too small
  • [MCPE-4455] - Repeatedly being logged out of Realms
  • [MCPE-4557] - No text below the mcpe version ?
  • [MCPE-4634] - Non-Realms World Creation Glitch

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