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bugs.mojang.com does not allow Affected Version search from previous snapshots




      Mojang Studios Note

      It appears that versions that have been marked as archived cannot be searched using Basic search. Please use Advanced search if you want to search for older versions.

      This functionality is not something that we can change, it is restricted by Jira which is the platform we built the bug tracker on.

      Could someone allow us to also search for previous snapshots of the same version in the "Affects Version" Advanced search?

      Because I have searched for any bugs related to 'some subject' on the latest snapshot, I'd love to include previous versions in the search, but it won't allow me to select any besides the very very latest snapshot, this makes searching for bugs to prevent duplicate tickets more difficult.

      If time wasn't such an issue, I would take 10 minutes to search for a bug, instead of checking the latest and only available for search version.

      For example, if I search for version 17w45b as of now, it will show up, but if I search for 17w45a or 17w43b or 17w43a, it won't show up. Which makes finding bugs that have been found, but not been updated to be affecting recent versions to show up.

      Usually searching for certain criteria will bring up a huge list of bugs, some which have been fixed, some which are only related.

      Going through this list takes a bunch of time, as well as usually you know that it can only have been an existing bug since some version x in the past. So you'd like to check all versions above version x, for that bug. Usually including too much information in the search bar will block your query from being found, because people describe the bug in a different way as you would.

      take "kick command fails and breaks game" vs "Executing /kick <target> on a single player world, will result in crash."
      Therefore me searching for "kick single player" won't allow me to find the previous.
      While if I only searched for "kick", there would be a huge load of bugs coming up from ancient versions.

      This is why I am posting this, I would love to reduce the amount of duplicate tickets, as it also takes us time to create such a ticket. Aiming for a better experience in game and on the bugtracker!

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