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Unresolved Migration issue regarding Korean Minecraft Players


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      The shutdown law of South Korea was abolished last year after a decade of blocking children from gaming at nighttime. It was said to take effect in January, but Minecraft, which got R-rated because of this law, doesn't seem to acknowledge the situation that well.

      Locally made online games had to implement a system that automatically kicked certain age groups from their servers, but for global companies like Microsoft, they just R-rated their services to save time and resources. This was applied to Minecraft back in July of 2021, when Mojang accounts, which were not affected, were starting to be migrated to Microsoft accounts, which were affected. This caoused a lot of backlash, some demanding for the disassembling of the Ministry of Women and Family, which is responsible for this law. 

      The law took effect in January, yet after more than a month, Koreans are still unable to migrate. Even worse, the migration deadline has been set, giving them less than a month to migrate. This is unacceptible, and we demand a postponal of the deadline with a clear and official response to the shutdown law's abolishment. 


      You can learn more about this law from the links below. 






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