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Nether Portal Killed Me


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    • 1.16.210 (Bedrock)
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    • Windows 10 OS, on Bedrock Edition (within a Realm)
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      After going through a Nether portal from the Nether side, I spawned in a void (after an unusually long loading time) with half of my health, despite having full health when I went in. I appeared to take suffocation damage until I died. The game said I "fell from a high place". 

      This occurred in a Minecraft Realm where coordinate display was enabled. The coordinates did not appear while I was dying, for whatever reason. My items were not found on either side of the portal. My friend, who also went through the same portal, did not experience this bug and made it to the other side fine. 

      This really ought to be fixed soon - the glitches with the Nether in this update, which was ironically a bug fix, have made the game much less functional. Of four total Nether portal crossings I've made on this version, two of them have resulted in major bugs. 

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