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Constantly lagging out of Realm as owner



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      Since I opened my realm on November 11th, I have been having connectivity issues. They have recently gotten much worse. I have tried everything listed on the relevant help pages and more, and still get kicked. The error message I get is: "The existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." I have tried using multiple networks with no luck, I even tried using my phone as a hotspot. Sometimes I will be able to play for hours without issues, sometimes I will get kicked within seconds of joining. The only temporary fix is restarting my client entirely. I also rebooted my PC, my router, and disabled my firewall. I opened the proper ports as well. I tried using my laptop instead of my PC to see if it was an issue with my PC, but no luck there either. No one else on my realm has issues. I have no idea what else would be causing it, any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

      EDIT: I also thought it was worth noting I have no issues connecting to other servers, but I have not tried to join other realms since I'm not added to any others.




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