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Players connecting with 1.12.0 to realms sometimes do not load chunk correctly, falling out of world


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    • 1.14.30 (Bedrock)
    • MCPE-1.12.0
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      Users on android bedrock 1.12.0 connecting to same realm see that large chunks are NOT loading around them, and often fall through the world into the void and die. While other players not connecting with android bedrock 1.12.0 who are in the same area see the terrain rendering correctly and the players falling straight through the ground and dying. Other players can even stand safely on the terrain not generating for the affected players. Players who do not fall into the void who enter unrendered chunks will often fall down and being suffocating. This happens randomly. Sometimes the player can enter the world safely and sometimes not. But definitely affects users on this version of bedrock connecting to realms.

      Owner of realm speculates this is an client server issue where the correct data is not being synced. We have tried clearing the local game cache in the phones but it had no effect on things. Issue still persists making game extremely deadly to play. Please investigate.

      I am attaching several screen captures that show what I see after attempting to join the realm within my base area. Large sections of the base simply do not render. Attempting to walk into unrendered areas will cause the player to fall and sink into the ground and suffocate. If they respawn where a bed should have been, they fall through and a continuous loop happens where they spawn, fall, and die. Only an OP player can teleport them away to a safe area. Other players unaffected by this bug can see and interact with the terrain correctly.  Sometimes the missing chunks go all the way to the void and falling into them will cause the player to fall out of the world.

      Please note the two comparison screen captures. These were taken after the OP gave us creative so that we stopped falling out of the world and so that we could take screen capture evidence. He took one from his view showing me standing beside him looking down upon the same area that was not rendering.

      When we fell out of the world, the rest of the players saw us spawning high above our base area and falling straight through the world.

      Whether or not this is a client or realm issue, we hope this gets fixed soon. Affected players must completely empty their inventories and place themselves into a chunk known to contain a pool of normally water to protect from suffocation / falling aspects of the bug. It can occur in both the overworld and the nether dimensions. More times than not there are rendering chunk bugs when specific players on android devices join the game. My wife and I use exact matching LG Q6 android phones running android 8.1 and get this bug repetitively. Others running some android devices in our realm post 1.12 update are also getting this bug. However, if I try to join on a much older android device, BLU Vivo XL running 7.x android, I do not appear to get this issue. Not sure what the underlying issue is.

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