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Kicked During End Credits Due to 'Idling'



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    • PC-1.14.1, PC-1.14.17, 1.15 (Java Edition)
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      While I was on my realms, after defeating the Ender Dragon (which was fun) me and my friend jumped in the portal to read the End Credits and return to the overworld. During my beautiful narration of the End Credits, Realms kicked both me and my friend off for being AFK. I understand that there is an anti-idle kick after 10 minutes. However, when an idle kick causes conflicts with game features and intentions, that's what I would say is a bug.

      I would suggest firstly to allow /setidletimetimeout on Realms and perhaps allow scheduling of the server maintenance and/or allow players to automatically rejoin the realms after a serve maintenance. Yes, it's a 'good' idea to keep resources available by disabling the command and setting a hard idle timeout time, but here's a few things:

      1) Perhaps most obviously, many players rely on AFK Farming to gather resources and whatnot. Yes, you can usually 'bypass' the idle timeout by doing something such as opening/closing a trapdoor or hitting a noteblock and so on, but sometimes this doesn't work and is quite frankly annoying to deal with.
      2) Some people will leave to go to travel, go to a camp, and so on where they know exactly how long they will be gone. Being that AFK farms generate various useful things and that people can need an extensive supply of resources for various projects, if one could use the time that they will be gone wisely, that would be very beneficial. Although, I would recommend capping the idle kickoff time to about 1-2 months.
      3) You get kicked on the END CREDITS! C'mon. At least set the idle time to allow game features to run and finish! A minimum time of 20 minutes would probably be 'enough.'
      4) Most likely, most people wouldn't even touch the command at all, so the idle timeout would usually be set at default (again, refer to 2)
      5) Sometimes people just need to step away for a little while and don't quite know how long. I doubt people would step away for more than an hour and usually not even that long. Perhaps everyday life should be considered.

      Secondly, if the server maintenance must needs be done once everyday or at certain times and /setidletimetimeout can not be instated, match the idle time with the time between server maintenance. Again, I would advice allowing scheduling of the server maintenance and/or allowing players to automatically reconnect to the realms after a maintenance.

      AT A MINIMUM, the idle time timeout MUST be increased by AT LEAST 5-10 minutes (see 3)

      I will be sending this in as a feature suggestion, but nonetheless THIS IS A BUG.

      (Sorry about the long bug report. I could not find a show/hide text button option)

      Bug Reports

      The following bug reports the kick/timeout during the End Credits:

      The following bug reports /setidletimetimeout not working/request for it to work/request a method to prevent being idle kicked/the actual idle kick timeout:

      The following bug report requests core server features to be included (such as /setidletimetimeout):

      The following bug could be related to the idle timeout:




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