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"Buy a realm" popup shows up when trying to join a realm


    • Icon: Bug Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • PC-1.14.13
    • PC-1.14.12

      Temporary Workaround

      1. Click on the realm
      2. Click anywhere outside of the "Buy a Realm" box
      3. Go to fullscreen if you're playing in windows mode, or vice versa (F11). This will make the options split again.
      4. Click on the realm again
      5. Click on the "buy a realm" again
      6. The play button should be click-able now

      Whenever i try to join my friend's realm it opens the menu to buy a realm, whatever I do it opens that menu and i cant join his realm. i tried reloading the game and it is still happening

            atorstling [Mojang] Alexander Torstling
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