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Environment within a chunk may noticeably change when getting close to the chunk when thousands of blocks away from spawn


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    • 1.20.51 (Bedrock), 1.20.62 (Bedrock)
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      Playing in loaded chunks, I have been in affected area multiple times since the 1.20.51 update. While playing today I notice fireworks aren't working with my elytra, so after attempting to fly using a riptide trident I take damage mid-air from a phantom and spontaneously a massive section of the ice from the frozen ocean "melted" but it was more like it just got replaced with actual ocean because it got rid of both packed and blue ice and left water level with the rest of the ocean. Because the video i have is unable to be uploaded I will link my reddit post. here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/18shtz7/what_the_heck_happened_here/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web3x&utm_name=web3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

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