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Unable to upload addons to realm


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    • 1.19.40 (Bedrock)
    • 1.19.11 Hotfix (Bedrock), 1.19.20 (Bedrock), 1.19.21 (Bedrock), 1.19.22 (Bedrock), 1.19.30 (Bedrock)
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      Update on this issue:

      21 September 2022 by CornerHard - 

      The bug with custom add-on packs not applying to Realms should be fixed soon, likely next week in a Realms Service update.

      We have a fix for getting stuck on the Realms Settings screen when there's an error with add-ons coming in the 1.19.40 update.

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      While trying to upload addons/resource packs to my Realm, I get stuck in a loop. I add the pack in the "Edit World" menu for Realms, and then when I click the back arrow, the game will say "Initializing upload" for a moment, but then it'll say "All Done" with the "Let's Go" button, without the progress bar having moved. When I click "Let's Go", it just takes me back to the "Edit World" menu. I've tried waiting for over ten minutes to see if something changes, but nothing does. It doesn't matter how large or small the resource pack is, I get stuck in this loop over and over again. I can't even exit the menu at that point, because of this loop. I have to close my game in order to get back to the main menu.

      I've even tried adding the packs to a new world before creating it on the Realms server, but the packs get removed during the upload process for some reason. This has been happening since around 7:30PM EST on Aug 5, 2022, and has persisted to the present (approx noon EST on Aug 6, 2022).

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