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Removing a book from a lectern in Creative Mode removes the book and destroys the lectern


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      While you are in Creative Mode, removing a book from a lectern removes the book, but also destroys the lectern.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go into Creative Mode
      2. Write anything in a book and quill, then sign and close it.
      3. Place the written book in a lectern
      4. Remove the book from the lectern

      Expected Results:
      The book gets removed, and drops as an item.

      Observed Results:
      The book gets removed, but the lectern also gets destroyed.

      Just like the other two bug reports I made, REALMS-10464 and REALMS-10477, all of these have to do with the fact that they all involve blocks that change states when you left-click on them. All of them, when left-clicked, activate their left-click functionality twice. They could in fact all be the same bug, considering those bugs have been introduced at the same time.

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