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Significant input delay on devices with Render Dragon


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      Mojang Studios Note

      Update 28 Sep 2023: The 1.20.30 update introduced a new "Improved Input Response" option on Windows which the developers hope will resolve the issue for the many users experiencing this issue. The team is investigating solutions for additional platforms to be added in the future.

      Update 16 June 2023: Thank you for your patience while we continue to work on a solution for this ongoing issue. Please be assured that we have not forgotten about this bug, and hope to have a solution that will resolve the issue for you without the need for workarounds. We will keep you updated as soon as we have some more news in the changelogs which are published with each update.

      This comment also provides a potential workaround for players by adjusting the V-Sync setting manually, which you might find useful.

      Simply put, input lag appears to be much much worse in this new beta. Try swinging your view around with a mouse and you will see that your input is delayed even more than it was before this beta. Please do fix this issue in the next beta so Windows 10 getting Render Dragon won't cause issues.

      Notes: This seems to be an issue related to Vsync.

      Additional information from MCPE-169538 to aid in reproducing:
      As already mentioned in a comment of this bug, the engine for Minecraft Bedrock Edition has a fixed frame delay set which leads to noticeable input delay, more prominent the less frames are rendered.

      To confirm this, I used RivaTuner to set the framerate to 1 FPS. Now it will be made easily visible that every input you do, will be delayed by 4 frames / 4 seconds. Using the ingame framerate limiter and setting it to 10, a similar delay will be noticed between native limit and RivaTuner limit. This problem therefore is clearly an ingame issue that must be fixed for reducing input delays.

      In other versions of Minecraft like Java Edition every input update arrives at the very next frame.

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