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Says "looks like this account is already connected" and Unlinking Microsoft Account does not work


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      Mojang Studios Note

      Thank you for your patience while we continue to work on addressing the issue raised here. Please be assured we are actively looking into a solution and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

      There is a potential workaround for users that are having trouble linking their accounts, which has worked for some:

      1. Close Minecraft for PlayStation
      2. Change your PSN email address to anything else. This is temporary.
        1. Make a note of the email addresses used for reference
      3. Wait 10-15 minutes.
      4. After the above waiting period, change the PSN email back to what it was originally
      5. Wait 10-15 minutes
      6. After the above waiting period, attempt to log in again

      Please refer to the section "Why can't I connect accounts?" in the Minecraft For PlayStation® FAQ for more information.

      Please do not add any comments to this report unless they clearly contain new and helpful information directly related to reproducing the problem.

      Other comments may be removed.

      Please do vote for this issue to show that you are also affected.

      See the Minecraft for Playstation FAQ and this comment from Mojang for additional information.


      Account remains connected to previous Microsoft Account after selecting "Unlink Microsoft Account"  option in Profile settings. Attempting to connect a different Microsoft account results in the following error message: 

      "Failed to login

      Oops! Looks like this account is already connected

      Please sign in with your previously connected Microsoft Account  <xxx> "

      Steps to Recreate

      1. Link PS4 MC account to Microsoft account (via https://aka.mc/remoteconnect) 
      2. Goto Settings > Profile > Unlink Micorsoft Account 
      3. Unlink Account - Account unlinked successfully
      4. Create 2nd MS account
      5. Link PS4 account to 2nd Microsoft account  (via https://aka.mc/remoteconnect) 
      6. Code accepted on link but above error message displayed on PS4. 

      NOTE: Reinstalling minecraft on PS4 also resulted in same error message after attmepting to link to the 2nd MS account. 

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