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Getting out of the boat when climbing reliefs



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      Hello. When I was using a boat to bring Villagers to my home, something strange happened, and it made me very nervous. I made a trail of water from the village to my house, to bring them with the boat much faster. When I had to climb a relief with the boat (example a waterfall) the boat would buggy, and all the passengers on the boat (who were me and the Villager) would get out of the boat in the middle of the waterfall, and I had to catch the Villager again and get in the boat again, this was repeated and was very cato. I was very nervous but I managed to finish. Please, I still have to do this but sometimes, the village is very far from my house, the bug will keep repeating itself, so please try to fix it.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Make a small cube (10x10x10)
      2. Put water on top of the cube near one side of the cube (The water must to make a waterfall on the near side)
      3. Place a boat
      4. Enter the boat
      5. Try to climb the waterfall that the water made, leaning against the wall with the boat

      Observed Results:
      You and the passenger will get off the boat after a short while.

      Expected Results:
      You would normally climb to the top of the cube without anyone leaving the boat.




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