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Loot chests still generate empty in Bedrock 1.16.10



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.10
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      Windows 10 - PC


      I recently found that the bug of empty loot chests still appears to present in Bedrock version 1.16.10. I tested this in both Survival and Creative.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Use world seed -3414234582187284145 (it may also be -1528862385 I used an old Java seed when I created the world, and have used the longer number several times to recreate the same world. The shorter number is what appears in settings in the seed field)

      2. Go to the following locations:

      1. a Ruin Portal in the Nether  (Location 168, 28, 56)
      2. A Housing Unit Bastion (location 446, 57 there were three chests. The one by the Nether Wart farm had loot, the others did not. 
      3. A Shipwreck (Location 2602, 49, 513

      3. Open loot chests

      Observed results:

      When each of the chests was opened, the chest appeared to be empty, with the exception of the Bastion Remnant. In the Bastion, the chest located near the nether wart farm had a few gold nuggets, a fire charge, arrows, and the snout banner patterns. The chests I found in the rampart sections were both empty.  When the portal and bastion turned up empty, I went to the shipwreck to see if the issue was limited to Nether structures. Unfortunately, that chest was empty as well. 


      Expected results

       Each of the chests should generate with loot based on the structures loot table. I had hoped to find some of the rarer Nether items in the Ruined Portal and Bastion, such as crying obsidian or Soul Speed enchanted items. The shipwreck was especially disappointing because I am replaying this world for a survival series, and hoped to find bamboo there for an upcoming episode, as I have done this in the past, as well as Buried treasure maps or paper. 




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