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New crafting table behavior causes unneeded forced inventory drops



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Beta, 1.16.1, 1.16.40 Hotfix
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      In 1.16, the behavior of crafting tables changed. When crafting an item from the recipe book, all of the materials in your inventory that could be used to craft the item are moved to the crafting grid, or at least the maximum amount the grid can hold.

      This interacts poorly with the way your character automatically picks items up.

      If your inventory is full when you use the crafting table, and there are dropped items in your vicinity, crafting an item will move items from your inventory to the crafting grid, and thus trigger you to automatically pick up the items in your vicinity. After crafting one or two items, the crafting table apparently tries to move materials back to your inventory. Since your inventory is now full from dropped items, the materials you need get dropped instead. This prevents you from crafting additional items until you drop the junk mats and pick up the supplies you need. This happens repeatedly; you can usually craft 1-2 items before it triggers again.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Have a full inventory.
      2. For the sake of these instructions, we'll craft torches, but the issue is not limited to torches.
      3. In your full inventory, have a sufficiency of coal and sticks. Half a stack of each should do. Also have a crafting table.
      4. Create an area that will be full of dropped mats. For instance, mine out an area while your inventory is full such that there are a variety of mats (cobblestone, granite, andesite, diorite, gravel, etc.) that you cannot pick up. There should be at least 3 varieties of material.
      5. Drop the crafting table such that you will be within pickup range of the dropped mats. You'll thus pick up one of them.
      6. Open the crafting table and create a torch. Choose something from your inventory and drop it so the torch goes into your full inventory.
      7. Repeatedly press A to craft additional torches.

      Expected Result:

      As occurred in previous versions, you should be able to create individual torches with single button presses until you have a full stack of torches in your inventory. Leaving the table should result in you retaining any leftover coal and sticks.

      Actual Result:

      Since 1.16, the coal and sticks are moved to the crafting grid after crafting the first torch, causing you to pick up additional mats and fill your inventory. After additional button presses, the game apparently tries moving the crafting mats back to your inventory and fails, causing you to drop the materials you were using and preventing you from crafting additional items (torches, in this case). You need to drop junk and pick up the needed mats to continue. This occurs repeatedly.


      Note: This may be tied to new behavior in 1.16 where you cannot see required materials for a recipe at a crafting table until you craft one item, regardless of whether you've previously crafted such an item before.


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