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Items being stuck in slots by equiping armour stands.


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    • Beta, 1.16.1, 1.16.10
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      When equiping the item in creative 3 times.The item will be stuck after equiping the armour stand.

      Expected Result
      The item will not be stuck on the hotbar after equiping on armour stand.

      Actual Result
      The item will be stuck on the hotbar after equiping armour stand.

      How to Reproduce?

      1.Place the armour stand then get your selected item and hold it.
      2.Point the armour stand and press equip 3 times.
      3.Move the item on a different slot.
      4.It also works in survival. You need to have the same selected item on the armour stand and the player.

      How to get rid the glitch/bug?
      1.Save and quit and leave minecraft or use /Clear command or even killing yourself or even make it durbility the item or even placing the item.

      This may affect general gameplay or playing by this small bug/glitch.


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