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Zombie villagers spawned from spawners are treated as cured zombie villagers by nearby villagers



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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Spawn a villager in an enclosed area
      2. Place a spawner nearby
      3. Use a regular zombie spawn egg on it
      4. Wait, and kill regular zombies as they spawn
      5. When a zombie villager spawns, open the villager's trading interface

      Expected behavior:
      When a monster spawner spawns a zombie villager(s), it has no affect on the discounts of nearby villagers.

      Observed behavior:
      A zombie villager spawned by a monster spawner causes nearby villagers to grant discounts as if the zombie villager had been cured. If the monster spawner spawns a pack of zombie villagers, each additional one causes another discount. Curing one of these zombie villagers causes an additional discount. The discounts are persistent.

      For reference, see the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXwk3T_Ay5I

      Additional information:
      MCPE-91436 reports the fact that monster spawners spawn zombie villagers. Java used to as well, but stopped doing so when zombie villagers were given a separate internal ID. Grum informed us that this behavior (i.e. not spawning zombie villagers) is intentional; see MC-106146. If MCPE-91436 is ever fixed for vanilla parity, this report should probably be closed as Won't Fix.


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