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Unable to join some multiplayer worlds but can join others (stuck on "locating server")



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      Potential Workarounds

      Workaround 1

      Originally posted here.

      1. All players need to move away from the glitched player* and unload that chunk (12-24 chunks at least. One chunk is 16 blocks). Make sure the glitched player is currently “locating server”.
      2. All players except the host must leave the server. If the glitched player* has a non-Xbox or alternate Xbox account in the world, then you might need to move them away from those chunks as well. (Maybe has something to do with device memory)
      3. Host will need to restart or close the server and rejoin with no additional players other than the glitched player* (with Xbox account).
      4. If the glitched player* passes the “locating server” window and successfully joins, then all other players may join and go back to the chunk where the glitched player* spawned.

      Workaround 2

      Posted in comment below. This will kill the player but allows them to respawn at a different location.

      1. Go to where the glitched player is (where they last exited the world).
      2. Pick a splash potion of poison and a splash potion of instant harming.
      3. Throw the splash potion of poison on the player, and wait until he gets all the damage.
      4. After a time, throw the splash potion of harming at the glitched player.

      Workaround 3

      Posted in comment below.

      1. Place a piston next to the glitched player.
      2. Activate the piston to push the player.
      3. Have the player exit the world and reload.

      I've started having this problem recently. I will try to join my friend's world, but every time the loading screen is stuck on "Locating Server" although my name appears on the list of people in the world. My friend will also be able to see me leaving the game without joining if I cancel the "Locating Server." This only seems to happen on a certain world which is over 150 MB. It's a fairly large survival world with a lot of builds. My friend created a new world, and I was able to join that one, but not the other.

      When two people joined my friend's world, this started to happen. I have not been able to join since that and we've tried resetting our devices and she cleared her cache. It still does not work. I'm hoping this problem will get fixed soon because recently my friend has gotten more people to play and I was looking forward to building with them.




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