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Hand Held Attachables Don't Work Properly



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      Custom attachables that are used when holding items in either the main hand or off hand render properly for every entity except players, leading us to add extra geometry and render controllers to the player file, this also removes the ability to see the enchanted glint as removing the held item from the hud requires the item texture to have ~1% opacity.


      Steps To Reproduce:

      1. Download the attached pack
      2. Activate the 'Attachables Bug - Attachable Resource Pack' Res Pack and the 'Attachebles Bug - Behavior Pack'
      3. Get the 'stone_mace' item from the equipment tab or via give command
      4. Holding it will not render the attachable for the player but will for every other mob (note that the 2d item appears as well as the 3d model, while this can be removed with an animation, it still shouldn't be there)
      5. Exit and switch the resource pack to the 'Attachables Bug - Geometry Resource Pack'
      6. Now the mace renders properly in both first person and third person 
      7. Enchanting the weapon will not add the enchanted glint as it is now part of the players geometry
      8. The inventory item also doesn't have the glint as the opacity is too low (to remove the item from the hud)

      Expected Results:

      • Attachables are able to render when players are holding items
      • These attachables can remove the 2d item from the players hand in both first person and third person to avoid having to use complicated work arounds to remove the 2d item.

      Other Notes:

      • Perhaps exposing more attachables such as the trident might help? It has custom first person geometry without the 2d item and shows enchantments correctly.

      Actual Results:

      • Attachables that are held in a hand slot don't render for players without extreme work arounds




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