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Observers dont activate redstone dust and repeaters when it is pushed by a sticky piston and that sticky piston gets powered by another observer


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      The bug is that when i tried the thing in the titile it worked in 1.14.60 but now it doesn't work anymore  ever since the nether update got released.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Place a button on the floor and put a redstone dust in front of it with an observer in front of it. 
      2. Put a Sticky Piston Facing Inwards In Front of the observer and place another observer in front of the Sticky Piston.
      3. Leave a Block and place a repeater or comparator facing inwards and a normal piston/sticky piston facing upwards in front of it.

      Observed Results:
      The Normal/Sticky Piston doesn't activate

      Expected Results:
      The Normal/Sticky Piston Should Have Activated

      For More proper proof, download the pulses-from-moving-observers world and try yourself.

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