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Blaze Pathfinding avoids falling


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      The Blaze pathfinding is broken yet again. It used to work at the start of the update but now it totally fell apart. Normally the Blazes would spawn then near instantaneously pathfind towards the hole in the corner of the spawn casing, though now they would rather go towards the NW corner and such (which is already a bug, but unrelated). It totally ruined my farm which granted me XP and now not one single blaze enters the hole which dozens used to. Many restarts of the app and even testing on a creative world showed that it still did not work as intended.


      I have listed a video of the actual situation where it used to work, and I also have a video of it currently. 

      In this video is how the pathfinding for Blazes in JAVA Edition works (also how it used to work in the BEDROCK Edition.)


      You can notice the blazes head towards the hole in the corner, and many in fact. This is how it used to work for a tiny bit until it somehow became broken.


      In this video is my current BEDROCK Edition farm and how the Blazes act.


      On screen the Blazes do not even care for the hole and tuck into the corners exactly opposite of the hole. I have a screenshot of the spawn cage absolute packed of blazes and they were still avoiding the hole.

      One thing for sure is I know the Blazes are not being distracted by the blocks surrounding the spawner as in the JAVA Edition it was incased in blocks surrounding the spawner. I have tried all I can to fix it and none have worked.


      To Replicate: build a Blaze Trap in BEDROCK Edition as shown in videos: 




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