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Chunks near to and of mushroom island biomes do not generate


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    • 0.12.1 Beta 2
    • 0.11.0, 0.11.1
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    • Phone - iOS - iPhone 6 Plus

      Chunks near to and of the mushroom island biome (and it's variant, apparently) fail to generate. Previously generated islands are not affected in any way by this bug.

      To reproduce, create a world, infinite or old, using a seed that previously generated a mushroom island. As you approach the biome's area, terrain generation will freeze, failing to load any further. The exact distance threshold from the biome for this to occur is unknown. Attempting to quit to title while within this range may result in a crash.
      Tested in creative and survival mode, using the seeds 'Frighten' (old world), 'pot22', 'shroomzy', and '1425694139'.

            Illidicia Katten
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