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Music disc disappears after trying to eject it from jukebox


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    • 1.17.10, Beta
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      I went to listen to some music discs in my jukebox. I put them in, listened to them, and then went to take it out. However, when I ejected the disc nothing came out and the disc had disappeared. I digged around it and even mined the jukebox, but the disc was just gone. I repeated this with two other discs and they both disappeared in the same fashion.

      Possible repro steps:

      1. Place a juke box
      2. Place a disc inside
      3. Place blocks around the jukebox
      4. Eject the disc (interact)
      5. (Repeat to create various sizes and combinations of blocks around the jukebox in step 3)

      Observed results:
      The disc gets ejected through the blocks, meaning that it may 'teleport' to an unexpected place, making it look as though the disc has disappeared. This may be inside a cave below, or on a platform above.

      Expected Results:
      The disc should be ejected next to the jukebox so that the player can retrieve it easily.

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