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Dogs (tamed wolves) cannot be healed to full health



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      General description of the bug: Feeding dogs when they are hurt seems to be checked against the wolf max health (10 points instead of 20) making it impossible to heal a dog to full 20 point health, impossible to breed a dog that has been hurt, and possible to hurt a dog by feeding it (i.e. feed it at when at 19/20 and health is reduced to 10/20). The dog's tail position seems to be working fine in that it reflects the correct health between 1 and 10 health points of a 20 point maximum).

      Original Report:
      When I attempt to feed some of my dogs, either by pressing and holding on them, or by using the "feed" button, they are not affected but the food is consumed.

      What I mean is: their tails do not move up (if they are down) and they do not ever get hearts. The food, however, disapears from my inventory.

      For some reason, this doesn't affect all of my dogs. Some of them I can feed and it will both heal them and (if I use enough food) cause them to breed. Other dogs consume the food, but are not affected by it in any way. There is no obvious reason why some are affected and others not. I have tried with dogs who have had their collars dyed and dogs who have not and it doesn't seem to be a deciding factor.

      I have also tried with different types of food and, again, it doesn't seem to be a factor in this bug.

      This seems to be a duplicate of MCPE-8485, which the reporter has marked as resolved, but it isn't.




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