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iOS 14.0 Xbox Live login not validating



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      After updating to the iOS 14.0, none of the internet features on Minecraft worked. This includes Realms, Multiplayer Servers and The Marketplace. After some trial and error, I found that if I logged out of my Xbox Live account in Minecraft, all these features return to full functionality. However, since I am logged out of Xbox Live, I am unable to actually use any of these features.


      After some more tinkering with the game, I managed to squeeze this error out which I think is the cause for the problems I've been getting: "Sorry, we couldn't validate your login. Is Xbox Live down? Try restarting your client." Also, when in a Single Player World, this error appears in the Invite Players menu: "Oops! Your Microsoft Account was disconnected. To invite more players, sign in on the Main Menu and restart your world."


      I did a control set-up with my iPhone on iOS 13. When on iOS 13, all worked fine. However, when I updated my iPhone to iOS 14, it produced the same issues.

      I have tried Signing in and out of Xbox Live, Restarting my device, Restarting the app, Uninstalling and Reinstalling the app. None of the above fixed the issue


      My conclusion after testing this issue out is that it is due to the iOS 14 Beta update that is available to the public now for download. I believe the iOS 14 Beta update causes the errors mentioned above and in the below screenshots.


      It would be great to receive some assistance on this. Really looking forward to playing the Nether Update on my realm. Thanks!


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