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Using emotes without unlocking them first.


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    • 1.16.1
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      It is possible to use and emote without unlocking them. 

      As someone who uses Keep Inventory a lot, I don't get achievements.
      So when I was looking through the emotes and viewing achievements, it auto-added the emotes to my bar and allowed me to use them.
      This means player who may have never gotten ANY achievements may use things like:
      -  Diamonds to you!
      -  The Hammer
      -  Future unlock-able emotes.

      This glitch will last until you reboot the world, causing it to turn back into that random emote you pressed before.

      How to redo this glitch:
      Step 1: Boot up the world and press B.
      Step 2: Click "Change Emotes"
      Step 3: Click on one of the emote slots (I chose the last one) and click on one you don't own.
      Step 4: Click on a random one, then spam the one you don't own.
      Step 5: Now, click the "View Achievements" button.
      Step 6: Finally, exit the menu and press B.

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