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Flowing water and lava push the player even if you are in flying mode


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      The bug

      Flowing water pushes the player even in fyling mode in creative. This is very annoying. This is a very old bug, this bug exists at least since the better together update. Water is supposed to not push you when flying. Bubble columns also don’t push you when flying, but water does. When MCPE-75124 gets fixed, lava will probably also be affected. This does also not happen on java edition and legacy console edition.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Dig a hole in an ocean
      2. Fly down to it and make sure to be in flying mode
        The water pushs you even though you are flying.

      Another way to reproduce:

      1. Place a water source
      2. Get inside the flowing water and make sure to be in flying mode
        The water will push you despite flying.

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