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Underwater sky lighting visually changes depending on player's underwater level



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      Water is supposed to block sky lighting and get it to decay by 3 for each block to eventually 0, meaning it should be dark at the bottom at the ocean. However, this is not how water is currently behaving.

      I have included two screenshots showing how I'm clearly able to see the bottom of the ocean at day time when swimming at 1-3 block deep under water like I'm having a night vision effect (screenshot on the left), and, when going deeper, everything slowly becomes dark and turns back to what it's supposed to look like (screenshot on the right).

      Nonetheless, it's only a visual bug depends on where the player is underwater and it's less noticeable at night time.

      The expected behavior:

      Whatever the light level is (underwater), it should stay consistent wherever the player is.

      This issue existed since the Aquatic Update and is yet to be fixed.


      Steps to reproduce:

      • Open World
      • Set time to day
      • Find a deep ocean
      • Go underwater one block deep, and then slowly go deeper.
      • You'll notice how deeper levels of the water is going slowly darker, until you go deep enough and it'll stop.


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