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Creative mode turns somewhat into survival mode.



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      Tested on is a SAMSUNG SCH-1535 (Samsung Galaxy S3)
      Editting a creative world by turning it into survival will still keep the world in creative, but bring survival features into it. For one, you have health, but the hearts do not show up, they are invisible. Dealing 20 damage (10 hearts) will kill you. If you have < 10 hearts you can eat food and regenerate health. The blocks that start on your hotbar (stone, cobblestone, dirt, oak and spruce wooden planks, torch, and brick stairs) work infinitely as creative should, but getting a block from the inventory will only act as you have one block and remove from your hotbar making you have to get it from the inventory again. Spawn eggs will act the same and act as if you only had one and disappear from the hotbar when you use it. Items also act as if they were in survival. The items will damage as you use them and eventually break, making it disappear from your hotbar. Also, you cannot fly anymore. You still keep some creative aspects such as the infinite starter blocks and breaking instantly.


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