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Mob equipment drops are much too common


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      Zombies and Skeletons seem to drop their equipment more on the Bedrock Edition than the Java Edition. Every time I kill a zombie or skeleton with armor, at least one of their armor pieces drop almost every time. My friend set up a mob grinder for a zombie spawner we found and the chests they dropped their loot into were filled to the brim with armor pieces!

      Below is an experiment I conducted. Attached are 6 images. 3 are large chests filled with 20 skeletons worth of loot, and the other 3 are large chests with 10 full leather armor skeletons worth of loot. Noticeably, the chests with 20 dead skeletons have a significant amount of bows dropped, and the 10 dead full leather skeletons have a significant amount of armor dropped.

      In general, equipment seems to drop more than Java Edition’s equipment drop chances.

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