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There is no Basalt on the ceilings of the Basalt Deltas


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    • Beta, 1.16.100
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      The ceilings of the new basalt deltas biome are made from netherrack and not from Basalt, unlike in java edition.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Enter the nether on a new world
      2. Locate a basalt deltas biome
        Look at the ceiling and observe it is made of netherrack and not basalt as it should.

      Original description
      Ever since the Beta where they updated the Basalt Delta biome to make it so Basalt Columns can no longer be over 10 blocks tall, and the biome has the correct blocks generating in the biome, the basalt on the ceilings have been removed, and the biome seems as if it has lost half of all of its basalt. I think this is a bug because in Java, while there are spots where netherrack appear, the basalt on the ceilings still exist.

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