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Can not create a new world


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    • 0.11.0
    • 0.10.5, 0.11.0 Beta 5, 0.11.0 Beta 7
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      I have a tablet 10 inch ValuePad with 16gb of storage. I actually bought 2 of these 1 for each son. 1 works fine and the other has a problem. I have reset the table, uninstalled and reinstalled Minecraft PE several times. here is what is still happening.
      Click on MCPE
      Click Play
      Click New
      Leave everything as is and click Create World. Screen comes up "My World" cant be opened.
      I have tried to do this a hundred times with different names and every possible combination of advanced options. I have searched through issues and could not find.
      I did find this issue on the forum but there were alot of people on there with the same issue but no solution.
      Please help

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