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Tile entities in a chunk can lose their data when the chunk is loaded


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      When loaded, tile entities in a chunk can lose their data. This usually fixes itself if the player leaves that chunk alone, but sometimes if the player interacts with the chunk it can stay that way. I assume this has something to do with the game failing to load it properly.

      The game crashes when you attempt to move these tile entities with missing data. This also seems to be locational and certain chunks aren't affected. 

      This is different to the bug where they turn invisible, as in that bug you lose the ability to interact with them.

      Also, the game seems to create new tile entities when the old ones go missing.

      Steps to reproduce (on Missing tile entity data.mcworld):

      1. go to the overworld and back again until the tile entities lose their data
      2. try to interact with the tile entities


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