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Automatically makes me hit other passenger when leaving boat (MOBILE)


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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Find or spawn a villager.
      2. Place a boat near the villager, so that the villager boards the boat.
      3. Board the boat.
      4. Tap the "Leave Boat" button.

      Expected result

      You only leave the boat.

      Actual result

      You leave the boat and punch/attack. If there is a passenger in the boat, you hit the passenger. If there is no passenger in the boat and you are in creative mode, you break the boat.

      Original description
      This is kinda a bug - (ON MOBILE MINECRAFT ONLY) when I am using a boat with another passenger on it (usually villager) I have to use the 'leave boat' button to get out, there is no way to sneak or jump. However when I use the leave boat button it automatically makes me slap the other passenger in the boat with me when i get out. It's like I tapped after leaving the boat. And it's aimed at the ground (where the boat is when I get out) because the 'leave boat' button is near the bottom of the screen. so the accident slap hits the villager. I have tried holding the button down and tapping and letting go of the button really fast, but neither seem to work very often. PLEASE HELP I SPENT AN HOUR MOVING A VILLAGER ON LAND WITH A BOAT AND PISTONS AND I ACCIDENTALLY KILLED IT. This may be because I play on an iPhone (tiny) but I only tap the leave boat button once and it makes me attack, I know that for sure

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