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When using elytra and flying higher than your render distance all block go invisible


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      When flying with elytra in creative I was flying at over 1000 blocks high and when I flew down all of the blocks went invisible.

      I expected that

      The world would load all the blocks back in

      What actually happened

      All the blocks disappeared not including beds, chests, entities, bells, enchanting table books and smoke particles/ fire particles. This bug only affects the chunks rendered when flying up you can still find chunks around where you can see the blocks. Reloading the world fixes the issue.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create an Infinite world (flat worlds don't seem to be affected)
      2. Fly up to over 300 Blocks (minimum)
      3. Fly back down 
      4. Notice that the blocks are invisible

      Minecraft 2020-05-15 09-58-07.mp4

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