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Some waterlogged block's lighting are too high when under some blocks


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    • Preview, 1.19.40
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      The water texture on waterlogged buttons, leaves, and slabs renders too bright when placed under buttons, leaves, slabs, or any full block.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Find a dark space
      2. Place a button, leaf, or slab
      3. Waterlog it
      4. Place a button, leaf, slab, or any full block directly above it within a 3x3 area

      Here, the water texture will render brightly, even if there are no light sources around.

      Original Description

      it would seem that any type of leaves when placed above a waterlogged block (I don't know if it is all blocks that can be waterlogged, I only tested a cut sandstone slab and chest with all types of leaves) will create a medium level light source lighting up the water for about a 2 block radius.

      I also attached a image of it

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