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Minecart or boat doesn't pick up zombie villager


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    • Preview, 1.19.20
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      When a villager with no profession turns into a zombie villager, it will not be able to enter minecarts or boats.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Spawn a villager
      2. Place a bed and workstation block
      3. Wait for the villager to link up to the workstation
      4. Break the workstation block
      5. Turn the villager into a zombie villager
      6. Place a minecart or boat nearby and try to get the zombie villager to enter it

      Observed Results:
      The zombie villager cannot enter the minecart or boat.

      Expected Results:
      The zombie villager should be able to enter the minecart and boat.

      Original Description;
      when trying to pick up zombie villager in a minecart, the cart either goes thru zombie villager (when on powered rail) or zombieĀ  villager pushes minecart (unpowered rail). regular zombie mobs get in minecart, as do regular villagers

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