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Specific mobs have messed up targeting range and spawning behavior for ps4 bedrock



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.14.60 Hotfix
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      PlayStation 4


      since bedrock came to the PS4 i have noticed this issue, but mobs such as zombies, creepers, wither skeletons and endermen have some sort of glitched targeting radius and spawning as zombies can spot and target me from well over 25+ blocks and come after me, Creepers have similar behavior but they also act as if they are running as they are faster than normal and can see through walls apparently, creepers have always had a very high spawn rate on console but on bedrock it is even more pronounced as they appear in groups of 2-3 even within a 10 block radius of the player. as for endermen they have two issues,

      endermen seem to get agro even if I look at their legs or in the general direction by about 10 degrees, I don't even have to look at their face, and sometimes they damage me without even being agro, but they have a second issue which they share with wither skeletons, and that is that neither spawn in the nether at all and endermen spawn extremely low frequently in the overworld to the point I almost couldn't get to the end in survival, I had a few wither skeletons in the nether fortress but I killed them and no more spawn on any difficulty or amount of time




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