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Animals, Breeding, Grass not growing, Menu options and multiplayer issues.



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      Hum, in new on Jira, so... Sorry for my english... Here are little bugs (and little annoying things) that i found in My world. Idk if i can send sum images, but illl try... All the things i wrote was appearing in Pocket Edition, idk if it can appear on other Minecraft consoles too.

       Turtles not laying eggs - I basically give sea grass to they, they kiss each other, and after they finish the breed process, one of they don't lay eggs. Even when they spawn in their origin island, or Birth Island.

       Multiplayer Issues - I cant join my friends worlds because when i try to enter it always says, Unable to connect the world, and i can't see invites anymore. I had dowloaded the xbox app to play with they and before all this, all was ok and not full of bugs, i dont know what happened, i even checked my privacy settings.

       Grass not growing - Grass is not growing up....i planted some grass to make a path, but it is not growing any grass in it. (idk if it grow slowly, but some grass blocks grow faster than others).

       VEEEERY slow turtles - When a turtle is following me, it appear to be slow when i'm looking at it out of water, but suddenly when i enter in water, it quickly swim faster..... this make all mobs near it be slow and laggy.

       Language button missing - When i enter in a world, and go to the menu options, i cant see the language button, so i have to exit the world, and change it, it's kinda annoying to wait the world reload again...

       Animais need be more smart - This one is kinda annoying when i try to attract a animal
      . So, i live in a Bamboo biome, and it's full of bamboos, so when i try to attract Pandas, Sheeps or Ocelots, they get stuck in a Bamboo instead of move in other direction or just jump. So they stand still until i break the Bamboo, this can happen with normal blocks too.

      Ill put the images in order below, idk if it will work as i want, but..yeah....that's all i wanted to say, hope Mojang see it! :3 


        1. Chicken stuck in polished granite.-1.jpg
          Chicken stuck in polished granite.-1.jpg
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        2. Grass not growing-3.jpg
          Grass not growing-3.jpg
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        3. Language button-2.jpg
          Language button-2.jpg
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        4. Multiplayer error-2.jpg
          Multiplayer error-2.jpg
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        5. Ocelot stuck in Bamboo-2.jpg
          Ocelot stuck in Bamboo-2.jpg
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        6. Sheep stuck in Bamboo-2.jpg
          Sheep stuck in Bamboo-2.jpg
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        7. Turtles breeding-1.jpg
          Turtles breeding-1.jpg
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        8. Turtles dont layed eggs.....jpg
          Turtles dont layed eggs.....jpg
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        9. Turtle slow in water-3.jpg
          Turtle slow in water-3.jpg
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