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Baby Sea Turtles despawning


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    • 1.17.10, Beta
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      Workaround from GoldenHelmet

      I have created a behavior pack that gives turtles persistence when they hatch from sea turtle eggs: Hatched turtle persistence.mcpack

      Note that using this pack will disable achievements in your world.

      Baby Sea Turtles are despawning when I travel more than 24 blocks away.

      Specific situation:

      1. bred sea turtles at far away beach and harvested eggs
      2. brought eggs back to base to build a farm - made sure entire farm is inside a chunk before I started build
      3. placed hopper minecart (with one hopper underneath track to move items to chest) on a 5x5 track with sand above track
      4. built a 2 high glass wall with fence on top of glass around 5x5 area - only way to get in or out of this area is to break fence and a glass block
      5. placed eggs on sand - AFK'd during the night a few nights to get eggs to hatch
      6. eggs hatched overnight - took a moment to kill hostile mobs, collect drops and experience.
      7. returned immediately to turtle farm - baby turtles are gone
      8. tried again - fed baby turtles sea grass to turn them into adults before I went to collect drops and experience from hostile mobs.  Adult turtles are still there when I return and scutes were collected, but still need more
      9. tried again - did not feed baby turtles before I left to collect drops to see if problem happened again.  Same issue, baby turtles despawned.

      TL:DR - if you feed baby turtles sea grass to grow them into adults the adults won't despawn but the babies will when you walk more than 24 blocks away.

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