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Finger free mining and movement caused by rotating the device while touching


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    • 0.12.1 Pre-release,
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      ~edit:~This bug only affects Android. It does not affect Windows 10 or iOS

      Device:Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
      Touch and hold screen to mine something (Example cobblestone) and turn device around [KEEP FINGER ON BUT DON'T MOVE IT] (make sure there is autorotation enabled) when game turns around, turn device back [STILL DON'T MOVE FINGER] and then take your finger off. You will notice that game will continue action (mine something) and you don't need to hold it. Found it really useful on Skyblock. It may be only on android, even may only be on Samsung, may only work on my device but I think its can be abused must be dealt with.

            Rustyham Rustam
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