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Unable/refuses to connect while connected with Wi-Fi Direct


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    • 0.11.0
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    • Android

      It would be pretty neat if Minecraft wouldn't refuse to connect to (W)LAN IPs just because the device is "not connected to a Wi-Fi network" even though the phone is either a Wi-Fi hotspot, or has a Wi-Fi Direct connection established.

      The game is able to detect a running game in progress from another device in (W)LAN during Wi-Fi Direct connection, but refuses to connect.
      Using a hotspot works only for a device that is not a hotspot, since the device that owns such hotspot is not allowed to connect under basis that it is "not connected with Wi-Fi". Devices that have linked themselves to the hotspot can join the host normally.

      Screenshots available, but only informational.

      Thank you!

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