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Can't back out of Restricted Site page without allowing website


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    • Tablet - iOS - iPad Mini

      My children enjoy playing Minecraft on their iOS devices. Because they are children, I have restricted their access to the internet. We are still in the progress of teaching them internet safety, and do not want them playing games with people they don't know over the internet.

      We have noticed that there is a Restricted Website page that comes up that a user with their web access restricted can not back out of.

      To recreate this issue:

      On iPad Mini, go to Settings, select General, select Restrictions. Set password if required. Under Allowed Content, select Websites, and select Selected Websites Only. Return to Home Screen on iPad.

      Start MineCraft PE. Press Play. Start a game or load a current game. From the game screen, press the Game Menu button at the top right corner of the screen. Press the Options button. Press Login. The Restricted Site page comes up.

      There is no option on this page except for Allow Website, which means that the user can not cancel this operation without the assistance of the person who set the password.

      Recommended Solutions:

      1. If the Restricted Site page is generated by the Minecraft PE game, then add a Cancel or Back link to the page to enable the user to return to the game menu

      2. If the Restricted Site page is generated by iOS, then disable the Login Button if the Device Settings are set to restricted webpage and the mojang website is not on the list.


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