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You can't ignite Creepers with Fire Charge item


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      When I thought that if I can ignite Minecraft with TNT with a Fire Charge item then with the Creeper would work but it didn't.

      What I Expected That Will Happen:

      When pointing at the Creeper with the Fire Charge will interact with the Ignite button and the explode.

      What Actually Happened:

      Pointing towards the Creeper with the Fire Charge don't show the Ignite button and can't be exploded.

      Steps To Reproduce:

      1. Spawn a Creeper at Creative mode.
      2. Get a Fire Charge.
      3. Point towards the Creeper with the Fire Charge and it will not show the Ignite button (in Windows 10 Edition right click the Creeper and won't explode).

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