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Mobs spawn too frequently in the Nether


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      Note by GoldenHelmet January 11, 2024

      This issue has changed in some ways since originally reported. Here is a summary.

      Main problem:

      Mob spawning and despawning rules were changed 1.16.0 to fix MCPE-21856 and bring Bedrock closer to parity with Java. The changes had unintended effects:

      • higher overal mob density in the nether compared to Java Edition
      • high frequency of mobs respawning very close to the player after the player kills nearby mobs
      • due to ^^, increased impact of pre-existing bugs that affect spawning and player experience (MCPE-133687, MCPE-46540, MCPE-35222)

      How the problem has changed:

      • In 1.16.100 the spawn range was expanded for simulation distances higher than 4 (MCPE-95568). This change eliminated the problem with spawn density and frequency for simulation distances higher than 4. (see below for why the problem still affects sim 4)
      • Related bugs have been fixed (MCPE-133687, MCPE-46540, MCPE-35222). It is now possible to spawn-proof as expected against magma cubes and slimes, and ghast sounds are not so irritating.
      • Fix attempt in 1.17.20 Previews was reverted because it made spawn density too low on simulations distances higher than 4 (MCPE-132746).

      Why the problem occurs only on simulation distance 4:

      Mob spawn density is controlled by checking a 9 chunk * 9 chunk area around a spawn attempt for mobs of the same population grouping. On simulation distance 4, at least 80% of this area is always outside of the spawning and despawning range, and therefore normally does not contain any mobs. As a result, mobs tend to spawn much closer to each other and much closer to the player on simulation distance 4 compared to higher simulation distances. Based on my tests, mob density within 44 blocks of the player tends to be 50-100% higher on sim 4. (For more detail on these numbers see my comments on MCPE-132746.)

      The amount of mob spawns in the Nether is insane.

      It's completely unblanced:

      Ghasts spawning half in blocks and hald out and one after another
      Dozens of the new Pigmen in huge groups
      Magma Cubes in groups of three or four
      and as for skeletons - there are just way too many of them to cope with!
      Not even gone near a fortress yet!

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